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Your Gift of Grace, A New Book of Poetry, and so much more … Author Tom Janicik invites us into his world of spiritual wonder; a world he always knew was there but only discovered in his darkest hour when he came to the conclusion that his marriage was headed for failure. This event inspired Tom to condense his transcendent thoughts into profound, yet tenderly human ideas of worth. The book is not simply one poem after another, but much more. The author ties each poem into a Scripture citation, and gives room in the book for personal musings, intentions, prayers, meditations, and ultimately consolations. The unique work allows the reader to penetrate into their interior and find a wholeness that while it may not find resolution to life issues, gives them purpose as never before. I recommend the book for those dealing with any life issue but particularly those dealing with chronic sickness, especially cancer. Tom Janicik didn’t write his work with cancer in mind, but as I read through his work, this is where I find a unique application. Congratulations for a fine work that has the potential to give so much. You can purchase through or through $17.99. A great gift work.

Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., PCSG
Suffering will either make us bitter or better. Tom Janicik, a very successful man by the world’s standards, authentically understands suffering. His Psalm like poetry covers the entire range of human emotions. He personally participates in the suffering of Jesus Christ. However, the beauty of Tom’s words is the God of the Bible is glorified in Tom’s pain. It is redemptive. Tom doesn’t remain in Bunyan’s “slough of despond.” Like King David, Tom has been in the depths of despair but he prays and praises his way back to an all loving, merciful and gracious God.

Mike McHardy – St. Louis General Manager of Bott Radio Network

Having worked as a Divorce and Grief Recovery for KIDS & TEENS volunteer since 1991, I have seen first-hand the need of expressing our feelings of loss, whether it be through conversation, prayer, journaling, etc. “Your Gift of Grace” is an excellent tool to assist any teen or parent that needs to express their feelings in a safe and tangible manner. As a gift, this book has been well received by many moms struggling through the maze of divorce. Good job Tom.

Jack Kesler, St. Louis, MO

In a time when most of us seem to be moving too fast to slow down enough to be quiet and reflective, “Your Gift of Grace” truly is a gift! Tom Janicik’s poetic expressions seem to identify in simple yet profound words what one might find if the window shade of the soul was lifted but for a moment to view both the joys and struggles inside. The scriptural references serve as an anchor to the poetic expressions and his challenge to reflect “upward, inward and outward” is both creative and practical. With Journaling almost a lost discipline, “Your Gift of Grace” is a wonderful instrument to reflect and record those moments and encourage others as well as it makes such a great gift.

Patricia Mock, Musician, Songwriter

Tom Janicik’s “Your Gift of Grace” is not just a collection of heartwarming poems, but a powerful resource for healing. From trials to triumph, Tom grounds each poem in scripture and personal testament, leaving an indelible mark of his journey. Tom’s beautifully crafted work mends the broken spirit, nurtures the soul, and soothes the mind.

Susan James, Actor, Writer
“A Gift You Won’t Return” -We’ve all received gifts at one time or another that we really didn’t know what to do with. A bright spotted tie for Father’s Day, a strangely scented candle for a birthday or a bizarre looking pair of socks at Christmas. There are some gifts that you’d really just like to return, but Tom Janicik’s book, “Your Gift of Grace,” offers us a unique gift that you won’t want to return. A gift that points us to God’s grace and how His grace is played out in our everyday lives. In times of darkness, when love is lost, when we’re feeling weak or lonely…God’s grace is there. This contemplative book of poetry and scripture points us to His grace as we walk through the ups and downs of our lives in a way that calms your soul and offers you moments to reflect and even to write down your thoughts and emotions. I would hope that each of you reading this testimonial today would receive, “Your Gift of Grace” from your heavenly Father today.

Randy Mayfield – Husband/Father/Pastor/Musician
Each day a challenging verse from our Lord’s word – Each day an inspirational message from the heart of Tom Janicik. My wife and I have enjoyed and benefited using “Grace” as a daily devotion. It became our thought provoking conversation event before getting out of bed to begin our day. As we finished the last reading I sent it on to the widow of my close friend. I look forward to hearing of her enjoyment as she daily shares in the “Grace” you have expressed so well. We look forward to Volume 2.

Yours in Christ,
Mike and Rae Williamsen
For far too long, the bulk of Christian literature ignored the art of wrestling with God. But life proves to be a pushing and pulling, doubting and wrestling, joyful and somber affair that deserves some real attention. Tom Janicik’s, Your Gift of Grace does a nice job of embracing the valley of our daily walk – giving resource, hope, and permission to wrestle in these tough times. The use and practice of journaling that Janicik creates is also paramount to the journey – a real bonus! Your Gift of Grace is an authentic walk that will affect true life change.

Ross Christopher Donaldson
Singer/Songwriter/Worship Arts Director

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your lovely book. It is filled with wonderful thoughts to guide us in times of sickness and suffering. I especially like the way you dedicate and address it to God. This is how the great Augustine wrote his CONFESSIONS.

By His Grace,
David Calhoun
Professor Emeritus of Church History, Covenant Theological Seminary
“A beautiful guide for spiritual reflection.” I respect Janicik’s thoughts and effort to articulate the thoughts and emotions he has. His book is designed to be used in “Reflections” as he states. So he wants people to read a poem and the scripture passage below it and then reflect on the following page about:
1. What you are thankful for to God
2. What God is strengthening in you from reading the poem and scripture
3. What love or kindness do you feel inspired to share with other people as a result of reading the pieces
Essentially he’s designed the book as a little mini religious devotional time–for someone to reflect and center their mind and emotions and actions in Christian orientations.

Eric Ferguson from NYC
I love your poetry, your will to share and inspire, assist, help through verses of hope and faith, thank you Tom!

Laura Mercurio, Published Author

Truly Uplifting! This book is a reminder that God’s grace is new every morning. I read a poem every day along with my Bible. I love that there’s an empty page to write whatever God puts on my heart for that day. The poems are uplifting and inspiring. They are just what I need to start my day, walking in God’s grace. I recommend it to everyone!

Amanda Daubenmeyer, Wife/Mother/Author