© by Tom Janicik More valuable than gold More fragile than glass A treasure which runs so deep Invest in them wisely Plant your seeds and watch them grow Nurture them with the utmost of care Do not let them die of thirst Rejuvenate them When there seems to be no hope Share with an […]

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My Lighthouse

© by Tom Janicik Through the darkness Your guiding Light Gives me hope Restoring my faith Through the pounding surf Your shining Light Warms my heart Renewing my mind Through the howling wind Your flickering Light Calms my spirit Soothing my soul Through the treacherous waters Your radiant Light Helps me place my trust in

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Treasures in Heaven

© by Tom Janicik As we draw closer My heart’s desire Is to serve You faithfully Building up eternal Treasures in heaven Please give me the strength To call upon Your power Receiving Your guidance To serve Your will And not my own May our relationship Grow stronger each day Through faithful acts of kindness

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© by Tom Janicik Born in Your image Yet separated from Your presence By choosing my will Over Yours Drifting further And further apart Drowning in a sea Of selfish desires Finally recognizing Your existence And in faith Choosing to submit My will to Yours Instantaneously Recreated Through the power Of Your Holy Spirit Openly

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Brighter Day

© by Tom Janicik In the wake of dawn The sun shines bright Upon my sleepy eyes Wondering what trials this day will bring Shall I choose the seemingly attractive Yet darker abyss Or steer towards the challenging Yet brighter path to glory Struggling between My own self-interests Versus submitting To pure obedience Today’s choice

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