The Book

Your Gift of Grace is a compilation of poems with supporting Biblical scripture created by Tom Janicik while working through the pain of his divorce. The book provides hope and inspiration for those suffering with life’s major losses such as divorce, death of family member or friend, suicide, chronic illness such as cancer, depression, or job loss. In addition, the book has been used as an individual devotional or supporting resource for a group Bible study.



Tom Janicik’s poetry brings you deep into your soul in ways that make sense to the Christian sojourner. He illuminates the ordinary and the common with God’s light and everyday wisdom. Read one poem every day and your world will be brighter.

Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.
Author, Body, Mind, Spirit: Tapping into the Healing Power Within

The depth of feeling in Tom Janicik’s work is apparent, as is his dedication to Spirit. This lovingly crafted book is a collection of prayers as much as it is a collection of poems-and a personal testament by its author.

Tom Kimmel
Major Label Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Author, Sweetest & The Meanest

What a journey! Tom’s book of poetry took me through the entire life cycle of a Christian, chronicling the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs, the valleys and mountains. I felt the hopelessness and helplessness as I read about him crying out to God, asking for His guidance and help. But, just as powerfully, I could see him gaining strength as he exercised his faith in Him. Thank you for baring your soul and putting into words what we all feel from time to time and reminding us that, in our times of weakness, He is our strength.

Scooter Simmons
Singer Songwriter